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Understanding ethical textile production: an interview of our founder

In a bustling city, where dreams intertwine with the hum of sewing machines, embark with us on a special journey: a journey to rewrite the narrative of textile production, one that respects both people and the planet.

Textile production often rhymes with environmental degradation and human exploitation. The cacophony of machines and the whirl of fabrics masked an underlying tale of profound impact on our world.

Dive with us in the journey of KEP Textile Atelier!

Once upon a time ... a wish for changes

Our journey started with a vision to challenge the norms within the textile industry‚ from the glaring disparities we witnessed. The textile industry's environmental footprint and the exploitation of workers, particularly women, were undeniable. Recognizing the need for change, we set out to create an organization that could tackle these issues head-on.

Paving a New Path

After encountering numerous textile companies lacking fair and eco-friendly production approaches, we realized the urgency to set an example. We aspired to create a workshop that not only provided job opportunities for women but also demonstrated that ethical textile production was not just an ideal but a feasible reality.

Setting the Bar

Our approach is holistic. We believe that societal issues demand comprehensive solutions. For instance, empowering women goes beyond education; it involves providing multifaceted support—financial help, childcare assistance, and creating inclusive environments. Similarly, in our pursuit of sustainability, we continuously question and strive to improve every aspect of our practices.

Facing the challenges

Our motivation stems from the resilience and strength we witness in the women we work with. Their stories inspire us daily, reinforcing our commitment to catalyze change. We envision a world where people respect each other and the environment—a world where ethical practices in textile production are the norm.

Change is possible when we come together. In a world marred by disparities and environmental strains, KEP Textile Atelier stands as a testament—a testament to the transformative power of empowerment and the possibility of an industry that values both humanity and the planet.


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