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We prioritise environmental and social impact above shareholder profit

Drawing repesenting KEP Textile Atelier values
Logo Qality education

We provide comprehensive textile training and empowerment workshops for disadvantaged women to support their personal development, confidence, and leadership qualities.

Logo Gender Equality

We focus on providing job opportunities to women, such as minorities, refugees, and disabled individuals, to promote gender equality and empowering women in the workforce.

Logo decent work

We guarantee fair employment opportunities, flexible working hours, and high social standards to create decent work and fostering economic growth.

Logo reduced inequalities

By offering job opportunities to disadvantaged individuals and creating a fair and inclusive working environment, we support to reduce inequalities in society.

Logo responsible consumptium
Logo climate action

We choose recycle or natural fibers, reduce fabric waste, and use renewable energy sources fo responsible consumption and production.

Solar panels and rain water filter of KEP Textile Atelier

Embrace our environmental textile production

We produce products from GOTs certified, natural or recycled fabrics. We use solar panels‚ rain water harvesting system and solid waste management.


We collaborate closely with local manufacturers and wholesalers in Türkiye to source high-quality fabrics and accessories for your creative vision.

Participate in Women Empowerment

At KEP, we offer a comprehensive approach to empower women, including textile programs and empowerment sessions

By equipping women with valuable skills, we not only open doors to employment but also create a safe space where they can express themselves and enhance their social skills.


When they are fully trained‚ we hire them‚ providing flexible working hours and free child care area. It's the driving force to achieve gender equality.

Discover our social enterprise in action

Our commitment to honesty and transparency is unwavering. Clients and customers are welcome to examine our expenses, documentation, and official paperwork.


Furthermore, clients can witness the production process firsthand, as our doors and folders are always open.

Pink building in the city of Buca

Drei Musketiere Reutlingen

At KEP Textile Atelier, we ordered jackets for children in need. They guided us really well and offered suitable options. The quality of the products, timely delivery, and constant communication during the order made us very happy. Supporting such a great cause doubled our impact, and we're glad to be a part of this meaningful initiative.
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