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A woman is working and fabrics are displayed

Our environmental  clothing manufacturing promotes women empowerment

Conscious clothing brands are invited to employ KEP facilities to produce their textile products and companies to produce their merchandise products under the highest industry standards. Products are constructed through the enterprise by women who have completed the KEP NGO training course.


Deep dive into your brand universe, exploring the intricacies of your market landscape

We connect the dots, understanding not just your brand but also the hearts and minds of your intended audience. We explore how your textile will become a part of their story.


We shape your vision using patterns and samples

It's a moment of revelation as you witness the first glimpse of your creation. With your feedback, we meticulously refine these prototypes. Each stitch is a testament to our dedication to perfection!

We can also suggest existing patterns and create the first sample.


We prioritise women empowerment and textile waste management.

We use solar-powered, zero-waste production management, eco-friendly materials and upcycle waste fabrics, ensuring a sustainable future while promoting creativity and self-confidence among women.


We find the finest fabrics through material research and sourcing

Leveraging our strong network in Turkey, we source leftover, stock fabrics and local suppliers to create upcycled products, ensuring sustainability and creativity in every step.


Our skilled women bring these designs to life

In the realm of manufacturing, fabrics are cut, sewed, embroidered and printed with care, each piece destined for a purpose. Once the masterpiece takes its final form, we document its essence in a technical package to guarantee quality control. We also take care of the export.


We give you an impact report to share our commitment to transparency

We provide an impact report detailing electricity and water saving from our eco-friendly facility, ensuring complete process transparency.

They trust us

Browse through the logos of our esteemed partners below, each emblematic of the trust they place in our textile solutions. Join this league of forward-thinking brands that prioritize quality and ethical production.

Buse Boundless.webp
KEP Team turned our ideas into real designs, handling everything from fabrics to accessories and molds. The quality of the products was fantastic, and our customers gave us great feedback. It didn't feel like a regular customer service—they were more like teammates, creating together with us. Our collection productions are now in trustworthy hands.

Boundless Ethical Clothing

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